The Underground

Dedicated to the raising up of Sons & Daughters of the Most High.




The Church is more than a place we go to hear about God.  It's a group of strangers that become like family, united by one thing // the LOVE of CHRIST.  The world is begging for the people of God to stop pretending to be the church, and to radically reveal the heart of the Father.  



We are addicted to seeing the nature of Heaven being released on the earth.  But there's a stigma towards teenagers to get through.  Yeah, we have a lot of fun.  Yes we play crazy games on Wednesday nights.  Yeah, our Youth Pastor is like a big kid and wishes he was the cool guy, but accepts that he is pretty cool for a dad.  In the end there are a few things that matter in terms of students.


To show that authentic love of Jesus to students.  The GOD stuff is the GOOD stuff.  If we convince people of anything, it's that we obviously love them.


To connect students with our best friends and our best friend.  Our staff is amazing and we all feel like family.  It's important to us that you feel like family and you know who Jesus is.


From SMART to HEART.  

It's one thing to know something in theory, it's a completely other thing to OWN it.  Talk is CHEAP, we teach students to LIVE LOVE out LOUD.


Cultivating a Culture of Honor.

Perfect LOVE casts out FEAR.  Without FEAR, HONOR takes over.  

How would living in a culture of HONOR impact your life?


“God is so much better than you could ever think He is.”

Jordan Mudrock  |  senior leader



The Underground is a youth movement that has been birthed out of WeatherStone Church in New Berlin, WI.  For the past few years we have been growing a leadership team of young adults that want to see the lives of teenagers experience JOY in their lives as they discover how insanely LOVED they are by a GOOD GOD, and bring HOPE into peoples lives as they discover their deep purposes for the world.